The NQT Partnership

The NQT Partnership is London’s specialist NQT recruitment service. Our sole focus is the placement of NQTs into their first permanent teaching post.

Our focus is two-fold;

• combining our extensive local market knowledge with vigorous assessment & selection process to match our NQTs to their best-suited opportunities
• providing leading Induction Year support through on-call personal mentoring, NQT helpline and tailored CPD

This is why we say that the NQT Partnership is “more than just a placement.” We do everything in our power to make your first year a successful one.

We are here to help NQT’s find their first position, we take the time to really understand your needs and requirements in the type of school you want to work in before putting you forward to positions. We truly believe that not all schools are a ‘One size fits all’. One of our dedicated consultants will work with you to select schools that match your vision, values and ethos and give you options that will help your career flourish long after your NQT induction year.

Working with Bluestones

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Contact us

For more information about what The NQT Partnership does, or to speak to someone in the team about its services, please call 020 3954 6581. Alternatively, please use the links below to visit the website or follow the social media channels.

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