Support we offer

As an investment company that focuses primarily on the recruitment sector, we’ve developed a best-in-class range of support services, designed to support our investment portfolio with all the support services they need.

We know that running a business, whether a startup or a more established venture, can be an all-consuming activity. To streamline the work our portfolio of brands need to focus on, we’ve centralised many of the support functions to provide a seamless support service.

As well as reducing the individual overhead cost and allowing businesses within the portfolio to focus on their core business, it has allowed us to develop centres of excellence for each of the support services.

From brand strategy and digital marketing, to graphic design and PR, our in-house marketing team (APEX) are recruitment marketing specialists. They understand the recruitment sector and work with a range of internal and external businesses both inside and outside the Group.

And it’s a similar case for our in-house legal expertise, led by employment law specialist Justine Dawson. With in-depth recruitment sector knowledge, advice, litigation and legal counsel is accessible by all business directors within the Group.

Finance and funding for your business is provided by the Group, and managed by the in-house team of finance specialists. So whether this is managing your company accounts, organising payroll for contractors, or invoicing clients – there’s no need to be distracted with sourcing and managing third-party suppliers. The Group’s in-house finance team has this all covered.

Lastly, with market-leading software solutions, cloud computing, networking and security are managed for all Group brands by a dedicated in-house IT team.

All of the Group’s support services have been designed to allow businesses within the Group’s portfolio to focus on their core operations, free from distraction. As specialists within the recruitment sector, the depth of knowledge and breadth of skills within the support services is second to none.

Key benefits of our support services

Focus on running your core business

Reduced overhead costs

Best-in-class services

Sector knowledge