What we do

As a UK-based human capital investment company, we primarily invest in people… whether they’re recruiters, established business owners, or entrepreneurs ready to launch their recruitment startup. We’ve explained Our Approach to growing our overall business but it’s important to remember that the success of the Group is inextricably linked to the success of the brands within its portfolio.

It’s our goal to ensure these businesses are profitable, well-supported, are operating efficiently and have the tools and investment they need to grow. Although each business is different, we have a standard approach for how we work with them that’s based around three specific steps: 1. Invest, 2. Support, 3. Grow.


With our proven methodology for identifying, investing in and growing businesses within the recruitment sector – we have in-depth knowledge of the typical investment requirements required to create a business and see it through to profitability. Through the shared profits generated by established brands within the Group’s portfolio, we self-generate investment funds that are then used to fund the subsequent investment round.

Within our portfolio, companies typically follow a pre-defined lifecycle journey with the investment requirements at each stage varying according to the sector and development stage of the organisation in question. Our divisional CEOs, along with the Group’s senior leadership team, identify resource requirements and allocate subsequent funding to expedite growth.


We recognise that setting up or running a business, particularly during the early years, can be a daunting proposition. So that’s why we focus so much on ensuring you have the support you need to avoid the day-to-day distractions that can stop you from building your business. With finance, marketing, legal, HR,  and IT all provided centrally by the Bluestones Investment Group, business owners and their teams are provided with a best-in-class service without the associated overheads of directly employing people or engaging third-party service providers.

With a dedicated recruitment training provider (Recruitment Training Group) and recruitment marketing agency (APEX) amongst the businesses within our portfolio, as well as an in-house employment lawyer, HR management, IT specialists and a team of payroll, credit controllers and accountants – the businesses within the Group’s portfolio benefit from exceptional support, whether they’re just starting out and launching their business, or growing a multi-site or even multi-national operation.


We’re invested in the long-term and want to see the businesses within the Group’s portfolio grow. We know that with the right levels of support, development and investment, along with the personal effort and energy we expect from our joint venture partners and their teams, businesses within our portfolio can flourish. We expect all the businesses we invest in to typically break even within the first year and be profitable in year two.

Businesses within the portfolio typically grow in one of four ways, mirroring the growth pillars of Our Approach: they can selectively merge with complementary businesses within the Group’s portfolio (agglomeration), they can expand geographically, they can grow organically (through margin or volume growth), and they can expand and grow through headcount growth. All options will be considered by and for brands within the Group’s portfolio. And as brands mature and become more established, we value the ability to re-invest profits in both existing businesses and in subsequent rounds of funding.