Submit an investment budget

Share your investment budget with us

Start your investment enquiry by preparing and submitting an outline investment budget. We need to know what we’re investing in and how you plan to grow your business, so documenting this in an investment budget is an essential part of our investment process. 

You can either upload a prepared spreadsheet (download our template HERE), or use our online form to share how you see your business growing. 

You don’t need to worry about the cost elements at this stage, as Bluestones will be providing the upfront funding, start-up costs and all associated monies required to get your business up and running.  You just need to tell us how you’ll win business, place candidates, and grow your company. 

Investment budget template

Use our simplified investment budget template to provide an outline of how you think your business will develop over the first 12 months of trading. Once you've completed the spreadsheet, come back to this page to upload the document.