ESG at Bluestones

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We create value within the Group by empowering our people and enabling our balanced portfolio of businesses to grow through ongoing investment, implementing appropriate technology and providing centralised support services.

Our ESG strategy underpins Bluestones Group’s activities and ensures we actively integrate business ethics, compliance, people and culture, and community involvement, in all that we do for our employees, the people and businesses within our portfolio, and the customers, suppliers and other stakeholders we work with. We are committed to making our business sustainable over the medium to long term, including our commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

Bluestones Group 2022 ESG assessment score

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Our overall ESG assessment score for 2022
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How we assess ESG

Bluestones Group’s senior leadership team conduct an annual ESG assessment against a range of specific criteria to understand the company's current position in relation to ESG, before then going on to map out our target position one year ahead. Where differences exist and we believe improvements can be made, actions are outlined in our assessment report, with action owners appointed and due dates agreed.

This systematic process of ensuring all aspects of ESG are considered properly permits a good degree of confidence in our ongoing reporting. This annual ESG statement is one of the outputs of this process, and once approved by the Board, is published on the company website.

Bluestones Group ESG assessment statement 2022

Find out more about the steps we're taking to improve our ESG scores.

About Bluestones

Bluestones Investment Group invests in staffing service companies. We operate a balanced portfolio of businesses in specific divisional sectors and are always keen to receive investment enquiries.

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