Becoming a climate positive workforce

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Professional recruitment specialist, NC Associates announce they’ve taken steps to become a climate positive workforce.

They’ve teamed up with Ecologi, who fund two different types of climate action: one is the planting of trees, and the other is supporting a wide range of climate projects such as reforestation, rainforest protection, supplying clean drinking water, wind turbines, solar power plants, and clean cooking stoves. 

In light of the recent call for change at COP26, the team at NC Associates believes it’s important that now, more than ever, businesses take action. By joining forces with an environmental organisation, all of the company’s employees will have their carbon footprint offset; including all of their travel, energy use, food and hobbies that occur inside or outside of the business.

As part of this initiative, the NC Associates team have also decided to plant a tree for different actions in their business. So, for every job that is placed through NC Associates, any referrals submitted, Google reviews that are given, to new clients who chose to work with the business…  all of these actions will automatically contribute towards their tree planting each month, which ultimately helps restore healthy forests in places such as Mozambique, Madagascar and the UK.

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