Bluestones Medical records impressive audit score

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Being able to offer our workers shift within the NHS is not as easy or straight forward as it seems. An agency has to jump through a lot of hoops and complete a large amount of compliance in order to send just one nurse into the NHS. To consistently support the NHS an agency has to be part of a “Framework”.

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This gives the NHS the security that we are doing all the necessary checks on our workers to ensure patient safety. It also ensures that we are charging the NHS what they deem to be a suitable. Despite negative press about medical agencies – we actually work very closely with the NHS and only charge what they agree with which is part of the guidelines within the frameworks. We are even dictated to how much profit we can make nowadays – something that the public aren’t aware of.

Our framework audits are undertaken annually for a percentage of workers that have been placed in the framework which includes many different NHS trusts across the UK

Bluestones Medical is audited against a strict audit criteria as detailed by the NHS requirements. The audit assists the supplier in identifying areas for improvement within current policies, processes and practices, as well as providing an overview of the current levels of compliance in place across all relevant departments within the business.

Bluestones Medical is pleased to announce that we have been awarded Diamond status in our recent Health Trust – Total Workforce Solutions Nursing Framework Audit with a score of 97.52%.

This is a testimony to our dedication to assisting the NHS and ensuring that standards are consistently met! At the end of the day – it could be anyone’s family member who is being treated by an agency worker and this is always in the back of our minds.

Bluestones Medical, as always, is committed to supplying the highest standards of staff to our clients and will continue to ensure that our workers remain compliant in line with these standards.

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