Bluestones One Chester supports local food banks

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In the run-up to Christmas, a national specialist recruitment agency has officially opened a food bank drop off point in their Chester city centre office.

Bluestones One, which has offices throughout the UK, has pledged to support food banks based in the North West throughout the festive period and into the new year by opening a food bank drop off point in its Chester office.

The commercial and industrial recruiter, which is based in Mill House on Russell Street, has promised to collect the most needed foods and gifts and deliver them directly to the food bank warehouses to support them during this busy period. Bluestones One will also work with businesses throughout the area to help collate and deliver their donations to the foodbanks.

Katie Donnelly, Bluestones One Chester Director, said “We understand that there are many people who would like to help their local food banks but aren’t able to reach a warehouse or collection point to make their donation. That’s why we decided to open our own drop off point to enable people who live and work in the area to make their donations. We’re based in an ideal location close to the train station and Waitrose, making it easy for people to pop in.”

“We have offered to collect donations from businesses across the North West and North Wales and deliver them along with the other donations to the foodbanks we are supporting. We know that this is such a busy period for the food banks and the service that they provide is so important, so we wanted to offer our support and give back to the community throughout December and the whole of January.”

If you would like to donate, you can visit the Bluestones One office Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm – 1st Floor Suite, Mill House, Russell Street, Chester, CH3 5AL. If you’re a local business who would like to contribute to the collection, please contact the Bluestones One Chester team on 01244 555 090.

As advised by the food bank service, the following donations will be gladly accepted:
• Biscuits
• Cereal
• Christmas cake
• Christmas pudding
• Coffee
• Cuppa soup
• Curry sauces
• Gift for children and teenagers
• Gift for adults
• Instant mash
• Jams
• Jar of pickles
• Juice UHT
• Milk UHT
• Packet savoury rice or noodles
• Pasta sauces
• Pot noodles
• Rice pudding
• Selection box
• Shampoo
• Small box chocolates
• Soap
• Tinned custard
• Tinned fish
• Tinned fruit
• Tinned fruit cocktail
• Tinned gammon
• Tinned potatoes
• Tinned ready meals
• Tinned tomatoes
• Tinned vegetables
• Tinned/packet custard
• Toilet rolls
• Toiletries
• Toothpaste

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