Candidate feedback reports

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How a business shows up during the recruitment process is incredibly important as it carries the potential for significant ripple effects, either positive or negative, that can impact your company’s reputation, its ability to fill roles and attract top talent, and even its ongoing financial performance.

That’s why it is critical to continually evaluate and adjust your recruiting practices and hiring process. And perhaps the best way to do that is to get direct feedback, via a candidate survey, from those who go through the recruiting process.

Candidate feedback surveys allow you to make informed, data-driven decisions on how to manage and improve all aspects of your hiring process to ensure that candidates are receiving an experience they’re happy to shout about!

What’s more, they provide the opportunity for additional marketing collateral, such as testimonials and social tiles, turning your candidates into compelling advocates for your brand and the service you provide. They’re also an excellent way of reinforcing that your company cares about its candidates and values what they have to say.​​​​​​​

Bluestones Supply Chain (the specialist industrial and driving recruitment business in our Generalist Division) recently surveyed a cross-section of their candidates from across the different sectors they serve. Respondents provided an invaluable insight into what their candidates think of them as a business, employer, and their personal experience of working with the team’s consultants.

The survey provided a mix of quantitative and qualitative responses that have formed a new annual feedback report – recently published on the company’s website and broadcast across social channels. The report summarises key findings and outlines the next steps the company will take to revamp its hiring process, improve its communication with applicants and enhance the overall candidate experience.

Plus, Bluestones Supply Chain has now created an avenue where candidates can provide feedback on their experience, 365 days a year. Their feedback survey can be accessed on their company website and is readily available for all candidates, past and present. This allows the business to incessantly review its service and tweak all aspects of its hiring process where are when necessary.

Candidate Feedback Report

The Bluestones Supply Chain candidate feedback survey provides an invaluable insight into what candidates think.

The report summarises the key findings of the initial survey, and outlines the next steps being planned to further improve the service offered.

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