NWP Resourcing

NWP Resourcing is a staffing services company that recruits exclusively for NWP Mechanical and Electrical. Due to the complex nature and national distribution of the projects we work on we’re always looking for skilled and time-served specialists in the following professions:

Electricians, electrician’s mates, testing electricians, plumbers, plumber’s mates, mechanical fitters, pipe fitters, pipe fitters mates, laggers, duct fitters, duct fitters mates, mechanical supervisors, electrical supervisors, M&E project managers.

NWP works with prestigious clients throughout the UK with projects typically lasting between 6 and 18 months.

Working with Bluestones

If you’re a driven individual who knows their market and are good at what you do – then launching your own business should definitely be a route you consider. However, launching a new business on your own can be stressful, complicated and a real risk to your day-to-day life, living standards and financial security. Research your options thoroughly and we’re confident that Bluestones will appear on your shortlist. By working with Bluestones you can avoid the day-to-day administration that distracts you from actually running and building your business.

Best aspect of being part of the Bluestones Group

Working with the Bluestones Group we were able to spot an opportunity in the market that no other agencies did. The Group allows you to be entrepreneurial while providing guidance when you need it. It’s been crucial to the success of NWP Resourcing.

Ben Leigh, MD, NWP Resourcing

Contact us

For more information about NWP Resourcing or to speak to someone in the team about its services, please call 01745 404 101