The Classroom Partnership

The Classroom Partnership brings together all of the education brands within Bluestones Group.

The collective companies provide a wide range of class-leading services to the UK education sector as well as the world. As individual companies, each provides a boutique service to the education sector but as a group of companies, their core values are identical: to provide a holistic, genuine and class-leading service whatever the people solution needed.

The Classroom Partnership is run by teachers, so they have a genuine understanding of the pressures of life in the classroom.

Working with the Bluestones Group

Through the Group has enabled The Classroom Partnership to develop an agglomeration exercise, acquiring established recruitment organisations such as Connex Education Partnership, Education Staffing Partnership and Gemstone Recruitment to bring them all under the collective header.

The Classroom Partnership group of companies operate throughout the UK and internationally. It is made up of the following companies:

Connex Education Partnership
Education Staffing Partnership
The International Teaching Partnership
The NQT Partnership
The Teacher Training Partnership
Thirsty Scholars Partnership

As an experienced recruiter, I know my market very well and understand how to build a business. But the everyday minutiae of running a business – from a legal or financial perspective – that’s something I really felt the benefit of when working with the Bluestones Group.

Stephen Emsley - The Classroom Partnership

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