World poetry day

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For #worldpoetryday we’ve created the following little rhyming poem to celebrate all that we do at Bluestones. What do you think of it?

In the world of talent, where recruiters reign,
Our company invests, to relieve their strain.
We scale and create wealth, with a strategy fine,
Building recruitment brands, that truly shine.

At the heart of our mission, our people we treasure,
Investing in talent, beyond any measure.
For we know that success, in this industry grand,
Is built upon people, and the strength of their brand.

With social impact, we’re committed and true,
To uplift and inspire, in all that we do.
Our values we live, and breathe every day,
In the pursuit of a vision, we’re well on our way.

Towards a billion in revenue, the Group’s eyes are set,
A phenomenal growth, that we won’t soon forget.
For we have a purpose, ambitious and clear,
To change the recruitment game, in the coming years.

With our partners together, we strive for new heights,
We push for growth, both day and night.
New startups we seek with fresh inspiration,
Who’ll find in us a true collaboration.

Our goal is to empower, to help you succeed,
With investments and support, we’ll take the lead.
With our people and values, we’ll make a difference true,
For the heart of our mission, is investing in you.


And would you have realised that this was mostly created with AI? It has been edited by a human to make it more relevant and readable, but the bulk of it was created with chat-GPT.

Whilst some people and companies try to hide their use of AI, or are concerned about the implications of these new tools, at Bluestones we tend to embrace technology and adapt to new innovations that can improve what we do, streamline our operations, and increase efficiencies.

We don’t think AI is here to replace humans any time soon, at least not in the recruitment sector, but it can certainly supercharge some of what we do.

It’ll be interesting to read any comments on this topic – not just about the poem itself, but about our publicly acknowledged use of AI.

Share your views on our LinkedIn post with this poem.

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