Bluestones Group profits leap

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In the year to October 2021, the Bluestones Group recorded a stellar performance jump with EBITDA increasing 95% to £5.64m.


Throughout lockdown and the COVID pandemic, the Group continued to support and grow its balanced portfolio of 21 existing business across its six core divisions. A number of the Group’s businesses traded strongly during this period, particularly those involved in logistics and supply chain activities, and healthcare.

Group CEO, Steve Pendergast commented,

“The pandemic has certainly highlighted the importance of our balanced portfolio, as we’ve seen over-performance in some of our businesses provide a buffer to those sectors adversely affected by the lockdowns”.

Looking ahead the Group will seek to continue its impressive growth trajectory, largely by intensifying the focus on its three strategic growth activities – organic growth, bolt-ons, and acquisitions.

Celebrating the good news is important. We’re so driven and growth-focused that it’s easy to overlook what an impressive achievement this is. It’s certainly been a concerted effort right across the Group and from within the brands within our portfolio, so everyone should feel rightly proud of what we’ve achieved” Steve continued.

With headcount across the Group approaching 300, the business has evolved into a multi-sector, national recruitment and staffing service specialist. It is now actively recruiting for talented individuals across the Group (see their careers listings HERE), as well as inviting applications for investment for potential new joint venture partners, and exploring suitable acquisition targets.

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Bluestones Investment Group invests in staffing service companies. We operate a balanced portfolio of businesses in specific divisional sectors and are always keen to receive investment enquiries.

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