How we minimise risk

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Risk can mean different things to different people.

RiskFor many, it can be the reason they never take the leap and launch their own business. There are just too many risks… risks of not paying the bills, risks in not understanding the legal requirements, risks in managing the finance, risks in not knowing how to build a website or manage a marketing campaign. It can be daunting. We get this.

It’s why we endeavour to remove these risks from our joint venture partners and allow them to focus on what they do best, recruiting, networking with clients and candidates, and making placements.

We have a proven approach to launching new recruitment businesses that removes risk from the individual. Talk to us today about how our support functions (in IT, marketing, finance and HR/legal) and up-front investment from us (not you), means our rapid start approach to launching new recruitment businesses really is as low risk as you can get.

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About Bluestones

Bluestones Investment Group invests in staffing service companies. We operate a balanced portfolio of businesses in specific divisional sectors and are always keen to receive investment enquiries.

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