NQT Partnership rebrands as ECT Partnership

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The NQT Partnership rebrands as ECT Partnership following a change in approach from the Department for Education.

NQT Partnership has been an integral element of the Group’s education division offering, providing guidance, advice and opportunities to newly qualified teachers. However, following an update from the Department for Education earlier in the year, where it was announced that there will be a change in terminology from ‘Newly Qualified Teachers’ to ‘Early Career Teachers’, the business is also rebranding to become The ECT Partnership.

The UK government announced reforms on 7th June, which are a step change in the Early Career Framework (ECF) for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs). This includes a new name and a focus on support to improve the training and development opportunities for our new teachers. The Government’s recognition of need to support and nurture all new teachers is a positive step forward to ensuring schools can induct and embed teachers of the future effectively.

For more information, please visit www.ectpartnership.com

The ECT Partnership

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