The Classroom Partnership supports Safer Internet Day

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9th February 2021 is the 18th year of Safer Internet Day, celebrated in approximately 170 countries internationally, championed by The education collective within the Bluestones Group’s portfolio, The Classroom Partnership, is committed to supporting this years’ theme, ‘Together for a better internet’.

The day asks the entire community to focus on making the internet a safer place for everyone, with a priority on younger people, and on emerging online and current concerns. In a report, Parenting Digital Natives from, 75% of parents of 6-10 years surveyed want to learn more to keep their child safe online and have provided a useful guide. Parents of 11-13 years shared their biggest concern is that their child may talk to a stranger online with Ofcom reporting that 51% of 12 year-olds have social media accounts.

As part of their commitment, The Classroom Partnership is offering free access to its Awareness of Basic Online Safety course, provided by sister company Thirsty Scholars Partnership for free in February. The course can be accessed by registering HERE.

Although written from the context of a school, the information will be useful to parents, carers, and any professional working with children.

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