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Learning, development and recruitment, a proven partnership, working well together.

Georgie McIntyre has joined The Classroom Partnership as Director of Learning and Development, supporting and coordinating the company’s learning and development strategy and product portfolio for the UK and international schools communities.

In Georgie’s most recent roles as Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at ECIS, the Education Collaborative for International Schools, and Head of Training at Cambridge Assessment, she was responsible for the development and delivery of worldwide training programmes incorporating everything from virtual conferences, programme development and delivery, to product portfolio optimisation and relationship management throughout international school supply chains. Her new role will draw on many of these experiences, where she’ll be collaborating with the senior leadership team of the education training and recruitment brands within The Classroom Partnership, reviewing the training programme portfolio and identifying how this should be positioned and promoted for an increasingly international audience. Learning and development has a critical role to play in ensuring the ongoing availability and supply of teaching personnel in the education sector. Specifically, where NQTs are concerned, by providing learning and developing opportunities it means NQTs are less likely to leave the profession after an initial period in the role. Indeed, a 2019 article in TES referenced one in seven NQTs leaving after their first year and this metric is one we believe we can help address. Through The NQT Partnership recruitment brand we supply NQTs to schools throughout the UK and can support them with ongoing CPD accredited training via The Thirsty Scholars Partnership portfolio. It’s a partnership approach to recruitment and training that works very well together. Then from a supply perspective, through sister companies Connex Education Partnership and The Education Staffing Partnership, we understand the importance of learning and development for supply teachers too, particularly as we see a good proportion of the people we work with choosing supply over permanent assignments. In research published only last year (source: it was shown that for classroom teachers ‘professional development makes a significant difference to student attainment’. So aside from career development for supply teachers, there’s a clear student benefit to ensuring there is ready access to suitable CPD accredited courses and development opportunities for supply personnel. From an international perspective, the importance of learning and development is something we’ve observed first-hand through our International Teaching Partnership business. Overseas teachers want to ensure they have the ability to return to the UK education system by maintaining their British curriculum CPD record. Through our blended and distanced learning offerings, educators can integrate this into their everyday lives whilst working on assignments all over the world. Collectively, our partnership approach to working with the entire education supply chain, from NQTs through to supply teachers, teaching assistants, and those choosing to work internationally – and supporting all of this with a specific set of CPD-accredited training, has been very well received in the industry. For more information about any of the services offered by The Classroom Partnership, please browse our website. And for any specific enquiries relating to the Learning and Development service being coordinated by Georgie, please contact her directly via The Classroom Partnership website, or connect with her on LinkedIn HERE.

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