ChatGPT recruitment startups

ChatGPT and recruitment startups

We asked ChatGPT to explain what the critical success factors are for a startup recruitment company. This is what it had to say. Navigating the UK recruitment industry: Critical success factors and the power of partnership Today’s recruitment landscape in the UK is an exhilarating blend of promise and challenge. Startups are increasingly disrupting the […]

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World Poetry Day

World poetry day

For #worldpoetryday we’ve created the following little rhyming poem to celebrate all that we do at Bluestones. What do you think of it? In the world of talent, where recruiters reign,Our company invests, to relieve their strain.We scale and create wealth, with a strategy fine,Building recruitment brands, that truly shine. At the heart of our

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Temp perm mix

Temp and perm mix

Recruitment businesses typically provide temporary recruitment or permanent recruitment services, or some combination of both. The precise split is often referred to as the temp to perm mix.   And whilst other recruitment services can feature – such as RPO, Head Hunting and Exec search, etc. – at its core, recruitment is usually defined by

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Market cycle

Market cycles

The term ‘market cycles’ typically refers to fluctuations in the stock market that occur over time, sometimes due to outside economic forces; but in reality can refer to anything that goes a cyclical set of stages. They can happen at any time and on any scale, with periods of growth or decline lasting anywhere from

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Investment fund agreed

2023 investment fund announced

With our new financial year starting in November, we’re pleased to confirm our 2023 investment fund has also been secured. At Bluestones, we’ve developed a proven approach to investing in and scaling recruitment businesses. Our model sees us providing 100% of the funding required to launch a new recruitment start-up, along with all the additional

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