Thirsty Scholars Partnership launch podcasts and webinars

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Thirsty Scholars Partnership, the flexible online learning provider in the Bluestones Group’s education division, has launched two new sub-brands to keep up with the high demand of online resources.

Thirsty Scholars Partnership
is a leading online training provider for those in the education sector looking to upskill in their careers, and an integral part of the education division within Bluestones Group. Thirsty Scholars have partnered with leading experts in the field to deliver education specific webinars and podcasts.

With their recent webinars being a success, Thirsty Scholars Partnership created two sub brands specifically designed with their consumers in mind.

Managing Director, Frazer McAlister said:

“This year we launched our Twilight Toolkit webinar series and After The Bell Podcasts. As an online training provider for whole school workforces, we are dedicated to delivering flexible training and online content, aimed at supporting and upskilling those working in schools”

Frazer continues: “This success is supporting the growth and profile of our business in the education training market, both in the UK and Internationally. We are committed to our mission of giving every member of staff working in a school the opportunity to grow and develop as a person and educator through online learning.”

For the full news release read HERE.

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