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Investing to create successful recruitment partnerships

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Equity ownership

It’s your business, so you should hold a stake in it. Stop working for others and invest in your own business success.

Business support

Avoid the distractions of running a business and let the Bluestones Group infrastructure support you with the everyday minutiae.

Rapid start

Take comfort in the fact we’ve done this a lot, so new businesses, investments and partnerships can be started and developed rapidly using our tried and tested methodology.

Group leverage

Whether its premises, insurances, bidding expertise, financial services or other business details, being part of the Bluestones Group means you can leverage a wide range of inclusive support services.


From advertising, merchandise, brochures and marketing collateral, to social media, websites and marketing strategies, our in-house marketing experts will work with you to maximise your impact on your chosen market.


From factoring and invoice discounting, to umbrella services and payroll compliance, we provide a full range of finance related services to Group partners and related companies.


Employment law, terms of business and shareholder arrangements can be arduous to keep on top of when running or starting a small business, but the Bluestones Group’s HR service can manage all of this for you.


We provide both on-site and remote IT services and support, from class-leading IT equipment, servers, websites, and digital asset management to generic and sector specific job boards and access to the latest recruitment software.

Specialist network

The Bluestones Group network of subject matter experts and technical specialists means there’s a ready-made network that you can tap into to learn from, lean on and leverage to develop and grow your business.